For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   DISASTER. The duly proclaimed, actual or threatened, existence of conditions of disaster or of extreme peril to the safety of persons, property and environment, within or affecting the territorial limits of the city, which are, or are likely to be, beyond the control of the city services, personnel, equipment and facilities and requiring the combined forces of other public agencies of combat. Conditions may include air pollution, drought, earthquake, epidemic, fire, flood, human acts, plant or animal infestation or disease, riot, severe weather, sudden and severe energy shortage, technological interruptions and conditions such as, the Governor's warning of an earthquake or volcanic prediction, or other conditions including conditions resulting from war or imminent threat of war.
   STATE OF WAR EMERGENCY. The condition that exists immediately, with or without a proclamation thereof by the Governor, whenever this state or nation is attacked by an enemy of the United States or upon receipt by a state of a warning from the federal government indicating that such an enemy attack is probable or imminent.
(‘81 Code, § 8.12.010) (Am. Ord. 1288, passed 12-4-19)