The Recreation Commission shall:
   (A)   Advise and assist the Council in all matters pertaining to public recreation;
   (B)   Advise and aid the Community Services Director in making plans for and in conducting recreational activities within the city;
   (C)   May submit recommendations to the City Council on all matters relative to parks and parkways as may be appropriate or as requested by the City Council;
   (D)   Formulate general policies for the conduct of the City Recreation Department;
   (E)   Render to the Council annually and at such other times as the Council may determine a public report of its activities and of the activities and status of public recreation programs;
   (F)   Make such investigations or surveys in the field of recreation as the Council may request and report its findings and recommendations to the Council; and
   (G)   Submit to the Council, annually, and through the City Manager at such time as may be designated, a proposed budget providing for the conduct of recreational activities for the ensuing fiscal year.
('81 Code, § 2.32.070)