(A)   Persons seeking appointment to a committee should file applications, in a form prescribed by the City Clerk, or designee, to the City Clerk’s Office.
   (B)   The City Clerk will forward applications received for committee vacancies to the City Council, and interviews of applicants will be scheduled at a properly noticed and open meeting of the City Council. The meetings will generally occur outside the City Council chambers in an appropriate city facility to allow for informal interaction between the City Council and the applicants.
   (C)   Applicants will be interviewed individually on a staggered schedule.
   (D)   The City Council will take action regarding committee appointments at a regular or special City Council meeting after interviewing all qualified applicants. Candidates for a committee vacancy will be nominated by individual Council members and voted on an individual basis rather than by a slate vote.
   (E)   An applicant must be appointed to a committee by a majority vote of the City Council.
   (F)   If, following a City Council vote on all available applicants for a committee vacancy, the vacancies for a committee are not all filled, the application period to fill the vacancies will be automatically extended by an additional 30 days or the City Council may designate a different time period by majority vote.
   (G)   Upon the time period being extended, the City Clerk’s Office will seek further applications, not excluding previous applications, in accordance with applicable law including, without limitation, this code.
(Ord. 1077, passed 10-20-03)