A.   No license shall be required for operation of any vehicle or equipment in this city when:
      1.   Such vehicle is merely passing through the city;
      2.   Such vehicle is used exclusively in intercity or interstate commerce.
   B.   No license shall be required by this title of any person whose only business activity in this city is the mere delivery in the city of property sold by him or her at a regular place of business maintained by him or her outside the city where:
      1.   Such person's business is at the time of such delivery licensed by the Utah municipality or county in which such place of business is situated; and
      2.   The authority licensing such business grants to licensees of this city making deliveries within its jurisdiction the same privileges, upon substantially the same terms, as are granted by this section; and
      3.   Neither the property delivered nor any of the facilities by which it was manufactured, produced or processed are subject to inspection by authority of this city for compliance with health or sanitary standards prescribed by this city; and
      4.   The truck or other conveyance by which such delivery is made prominently displays at all times a license plate or symbol used by the said licensing authority to evidence such business license. Such plate or symbol shall identify the licensing authority by which it is issued, shall indicate that it evidences a license issued thereby, and shall specify the year or term for which it is effective.
   C.   The recorder shall at the request of any person certify a copy of this section to any municipality or county of the state of Utah to which a copy has not previously been certified. (Prior code § 9-123)