A.   Any license issued pursuant to the provisions of this code or of any ordinance of this city may be revoked and any application denied by the city council because of:
      1.   The failure of the licensee or applicant to comply with conditions and requirements of this code or any ordinance of the city;
      2.   Unlawful activities conducted or permitted on the premises where the business is conducted.
   B.   Prior to the revocation of a license or denial of an application to renew business license, the licensee or applicant shall be given a notice which shall state in substance that the city council intends to revoke the business license or deny the application to renew, together with the reason or reasons therefor, at a regular or special meeting of the city council (which shall be at least 10 days and not more than 30 days from the date notice is sent) and that the licensee or applicant has a right to appear, to be represented by counsel, to hear the evidence against him or her, to cross examine witnesses and to present evidence as to why the license should not be revoked or the application denied.
   C.   The preceding subsection shall not apply to applications for licenses for businesses which have not previously been licensed by the city, and such applicants need only be informed that their application has been denied. (Prior code § 9-120)