5.04.080: DISPLAY:
   A.   Every certificate of license issued under this title shall be posted by the licensee in a conspicuous place upon the wall of the building, room or office of the place of business so that the same may be easily seen. When such certificate of license has expired, it shall be removed by the licensee from such place in which it has been posted, and no certificate of license which is not in force and effect shall be permitted to remain posted upon the wall or any part of any room within the place of business. If the licensee's business is such that a license cannot be displayed due to the transient or mobile nature of the business, then the licensee shall carry the license on his or her person ready to be shown on request by an authorized officer during all such time or times while the licensee is engaged in or pursuing the business for which a license is granted.
   B.   In the event the license is for a coin operated machine or device, the certificate shall be attached or displayed in the immediate vicinity of the machine for which it has been issued. (Prior code § 9-118)