A.   Established; Number Of Officers: A police reserve force is hereby established in the city. The number of reserve police officers authorized is five (5).
   B.   Appointment: The chief of police shall appoint the members of the police reserve force, subject to ratification and approval by the city council. The appointment of individual members of the police reserve force shall not be in effect until such individual appointments are approved by a majority vote of the city council.
   C.   Qualifications And Training: Each appointed reserve police officer shall, at the time of appointment, be a certified police officer in the state of Texas. It shall be the individual responsibility of each reserve officer to maintain his standing as a certified police officer and to receive such training as is required to maintain such certification. The reserve police officers shall further maintain and complete not less than the continuing training as is required by the chief of police.
   D.   Call To Service: The chief of police may call reserve police officers into service and schedule such reserve officers for duty as the chief determines necessary and reasonable. Such reserve police officers shall have the authority of a peace officer within the city only when such reserve officer is on duty as requested, directed or scheduled by the chief of police.
   E.   Rules And Regulations: Subject to the approval of the city council, the chief of police may prepare and enforce a policy, regulations and requirements applicable to the qualifications, appointment, service, training, conduct, discipline and dismissal of reserve police officers appointed pursuant to this section. (Ord. 051402, 5-14-2002)