It is the duty of every member of the police department to preserve the peace within the limits of the city, and to effect this purpose, the officer may use all lawful means. He may interfere without warrant to suppress or prevent crime. Every member of the police department shall have authority:
   A.   To execute warrants of arrest or other processes issued out of the municipal court in the city.
   B.   To arrest without warrant in all cases where authorized by the laws of the state. (1988 Code § 5-1-2-6)
   C.   To arrest without warrant when offenses against the laws or ordinances are committed in his presence, or where persons are found in suspicious places, and under circumstances which reasonably show that such persons may be committing some felony or breach of the peace, or threaten or are about to commit some offense against the law. (1988 Code § 5-1-2-6; amd. 2016 Code)