24.01.01: DEFINITIONS:
The following words and phrases, when used in this Chapter, shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this Section:
AGENT: Any person performing a service for or in behalf of another person related to the selling or leasing of real property including, but not limited to, realtor, broker, sales agent, escrow officer, lien holder, leasing agent and property manager.
BEDROOM: Any room which is not a kitchen, dining room, living room, family room or bathroom and which is designated as a bedroom or is capable of being used for sleeping quarters, which contains a closet, which has a nearby or adjacent bathroom and which meets the requirements contained in Section 23.02.12 of this Code. Final determination of the identity of any room shall rest with the City Manager or his/her designated representative.
CHANGE OF OCCUPANCY: Any change in the primary occupant using a residential building not resulting from the sale of the property.
CITY CODE: The City Code of the City of San Marino, as it exists or may be amended.
COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE: The certificate issued by the City verifying that an inspection of the property was performed as required by this Chapter.
INSPECTOR: The person(s) approved by the City to conduct the compliance inspection required by this Chapter.
KITCHEN: A room containing a water source, a sink, and permanently installed means for heating or cooking food.
OCCUPANT: Any person or persons who occupies a building, whether as an owner, tenant or permittee of the owner or tenant.
OWNER: A person having legal title to or interest in any real property in the City.
PERSON: An individual, partnership, corporation or association or the agent of any of the foregoing.
PLANNING AND BUILDING DIRECTOR: The Planning and Building Director of the City of San Marino or his/her designated representative.
RESIDENTIAL BUILDING: Any structure used for or considered a part of living quarters including, but not limited to, houses, guest houses and separate living quarters incorporated into other structures.
SALE: Includes exchange, gift and any transfer of all or any part of title for value.
VISIBLE: Apparent on casual observation of the occupied areas of the structure, without opening walls or moving any furniture, equipment, machinery, wall coverings or floor coverings. (Ord. 944, 1-10-90; Ord. 094-1058, 6-8-94; 1994 Code)