(A)   The City Civil Defense and Disaster Council is created and shall consist of the following:
      (1)   The Mayor, who shall be Chairperson;
      (2)   The Director of Civil Defense and Disaster, who shall be Vice-Chairperson;
      (3)   The deputy directors and chiefs of operating civil defense and disaster departments, services or divisions as are provided for by resolution pursuant to this chapter; and
      (4)   The representatives of civic, business, labor, veterans, professional or other organizations having an official group or organization civil defense and disaster responsibility as may be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council.
(1994 Code, § 2.32.030)
   (B)   It is the duty of the Civil Defense and Disaster Council and it is empowered, to review and recommend for adoption by the City Council, civil defense and disaster and mutual aid plans and agreements and the laws and resolutions and rules and regulations as are necessary to implement the plans and agreements. The Civil Defense and Disaster Council shall meet upon call of the Chairperson or, in his or her absence from the civil or inability to call the meeting, upon the call of the Vice-Chairperson.
(1994 Code, § 2.32.040)