(A)   Swimming pools shall be entirely enclosed by fences or walls, in accordance with the specifications and standards of this chapter.
(1994 Code, § 15.20.060)
   (B)   Where a fence, building or wall is required around a swimming pool, it shall be constructed in accordance with the following standards.
      (1)   The fence or structure surrounding the pool shall not be less than five feet nor more than six feet in height with no openings therein other than doors or gates, larger than six inches in any dimension; provided, however, that, if a picket or similar fence is erected or maintained, the horizontal dimension of the openings, other than the gates or doors shall not exceed four inches.
      (2)   The design and structural features shall be consistent with the provisions of the chapter.
      (3)   All gates or doors opening through the enclosure shall be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices designated to keep the gate or door securely closed and latched at all times when not in actual use. The self-latching devices shall be located not less than four feet above the underlying ground surface or otherwise made inaccessible from the outside to small children.
      (4)   Any dwelling or other building on the premises may be incorporated in and considered as constituting a portion of the required enclosure.
      (5)   Pools which serve more than one residential property shall have the pool area separately fenced in a manner which will prevent access to the pool through a gate or door serving other than the pool area.
      (6)   Doors and other openings from any occupied dwelling (as distinguished from a garage) into the required enclosure need not be equipped with self-closing or self-latching devices.
      (7)   A SWIMMING POOL is defined as any permanent body of water, which is 18 inches or more in depth at any point, and is designed or used for swimming, wading or bathing. All fencing, with gates, must be in place when the pool is filled with water.
(1994 Code, § 15.20.070)
      (8)   Swimming pool enclosures shall not be required when either of the following conditions apply:
         (a)   There exists a natural barrier restricting physical access to the swimming pool that is essentially equivalent in effect to the required enclosures as determined by the Director; and/or
         (b)   The parcel is under one ownership of at least 20 acres and the swimming pool is located a minimum of 300 feet from any property line.
(1994 Code, § 15.20.080)  (Ord. 93-109, passed - -1993)