§ 150.101  FEES.
   (A)   City staff shall develop and recommend for City Council approval:
      (1)   A landscape documentation package review fee sufficient to pay the city's reasonable costs of reviewing and approving the landscape documentation package required by § 492(b) of the Model Ordinance;
      (2)   Procedures for the implementation of the landscape irrigation audits or waivers required by § 493(a) of the Model Ordinance, including fees necessary to pay the reasonable costs of the audits;
      (3)   Publications or other information satisfying the public education requirements of § 492(d)(1) of the Model Ordinance;
      (4)   Review procedures to ensure that the public education requirements of § 492(d)(2) are satisfied where applicable.
   (B)   The City Council may adopt or modify the recommendations of staff by resolution. The fees established by this subchapter shall be incorporated in the master planning and development fee resolution.
(1994 Code, § 15.32.020)  (Ord. 93-105, passed - -1993)