(A)   The occupancy of a building or portion of a building may be permitted before the certificate of occupancy is issued provided a temporary occupancy permit is obtained from the Building Official. The permittee shall agree to complete the work within the agreed time after the date of the permit. The Building Official may extend the completion date for an additional period upon the written request of the permittee showing good cause. If the work is not complied with within the time specified, the temporary occupancy permit shall become void. The permit shall be issued only in cases where the owner can demonstrate a need to move into a building before the building is complete.
   (B)   A deposit shall be required for each temporary occupancy permit. The deposit shall be equal to an estimate by the Building Official of the labor and materials remaining to complete the construction. The deposits shall be refundable at the time the construction is completed and the certificate of occupancy is issued for the building. If the permit becomes void or is violated, the deposit shall be forfeited.
(1994 Code, § 15.08.030)  (Ord. 79-101, passed - -1979)