(A)   A resident of the city is not required to have a business license to hold a yard sale at his or her  residence. However, anyone holding a yard sale shall first secure a permit from the City Clerk's office.
   (B)   The term YARD SALE in this chapter applies to yard sale, rummage sale, or garage sale. As used in this chapter, YARD SALE, RUMMAGE SALE or GARAGE SALE means an occasional or casual sale of secondhand goods and/or goods donated by individuals or nonprofit organizations. Items to be sold must be the property of the permit holder, or members of his or her immediate family, or of a non-profit organization, and shall not include items acquired or consigned solely for the purpose of being sold for private profit. Yard sales may not be used as a retail outlet.
(1994 Code, § 5.20.010)  (Ord. 87-101, passed - -1987; Ord. 95-103, passed 1-9-1996; Ord. 2019-102, passed 7-2-2019)