§ 97.02  FINDINGS.
   (A)   The City Council of the City of San Joaquin finds and determines as follows:
      (1)   Property values and the general welfare of the community are founded, in part, upon the appearance and maintenance of private properties;
      (2)   There is a need for further emphasis on property maintenance and sanitation in that certain conditions, as described in this chapter, have been found from place to place throughout the city;
      (3)   That the existence of such conditions as described in this chapter, is injurious and inimical to the public health, safety and welfare of the residents of the city and contributes substantially and increasingly to the deterioration of the community;
      (4)   That unless correct measures are undertaken to alleviate such existing conditions, and assure the avoidance of future problems in this regard, the public health, safety and general welfare and specifically the social and economic standards of the community will be depreciated;
      (5)   That the abatement of such conditions will improve the general welfare and image of the city; and
      (6)   That the abatement procedures set forth in this chapter are reasonable and afford due process to all affected persons.
   (B)   The purposes of this chapter are to safeguard, remedy and prevent the decay and deterioration of our community by elimination of public nuisances.  The procedures established in this chapter are cumulative and in addition to any other remedy established by law.
(Ord. 08-106, passed 10-8-2008)