§ 95.06  FALSE ALARMS.
   The City Council declares and finds that three or more false alarms within a 30-day period, five or more false alarms within a 90-day period or seven or more false alarms within a 180-day period, whichever occurs earliest, shall constitute a public nuisance and a hazard to the health, safety, public peace and welfare of the residents of the city for the following reasons:
   (A)   False alarms constitute a danger to life and property in that the ability of law enforcement to respond to actual crimes is diminished by the false alarms;
   (B)   Law enforcement personnel and equipment, as well as innocent citizens, may be severely harmed or injured, or run the risk thereof, as the result of law enforcement responding to a robbery, burglary or other alarm activated to evoke emergency response from law enforcement personnel; and/or
   (C)   False alarms which are audible and which arc activated without just cause disturb the peace and tranquility of urban and suburban neighborhoods in derogation of individual rights of quiet use and enjoyment of residential dwellings.
(1994 Code, § 8.04.060)  (Ord. 82-102, passed - -1982)