(A)   The citation officer shall attempt to locate the responsible party for any violation of this code. For purposes of issuance of a citation to a business, the citation may be issued to the person in immediate control of the business on site at the time of the issuance of the administrative citation and penalty. The citation officer should attempt to obtain the signature of the person upon whom the citation was issued. However, lack of signature shall in no way affect the validity of the citation and subsequent proceedings.
   (B)   If the citation officer is unable to locate the violator(s) then the administrative citation shall be mailed to the responsible party and property owner, if different than the responsible party. The administrative citation shall be mailed to the violator(s) or property owner(s) by certified and first class mail. The failure of any person with an interest in the property to receive the notice shall not affect the validity of any proceedings taken under this subchapter. Notice by certified and first class main in the manner described above shall become effective on the date of mailing.
(Ord. 107, passed 10-8-2008; Ord. 08-108, passed 10-8-2008)