Upon discovering or observing any violation of the code, a citation officer may issue an administrative citation, in a form approved by the City Manager and City Attorney, to a violator or property owner, with the following contents:
   (A)   Date and location of the violation(s), including the street address, if any, and the approximate time the violations were observed;
   (B)   Section(s) of the code violated and a brief description of how the section(s) are violated;
   (C)   Description of the action required to correct the violation(s), if applicable; and if applicable, the date by which the violation must be corrected;
   (D)   Statement explaining the consequences of failure to correct the violation(s);
   (E)   Amount of fine imposed for the violation(s);
   (F)   Explanation of how the penalty shall be paid and the time period by which it shall be paid, and the consequences of failure to pay the penalty;
   (G)   Right to contest the contents of the administrative citation and right of appeal, including the name and address of the City Clerk for purposes of filing any notice of appeal; and
   (H)   Signature of the enforcement officer and the signature of the violator if he or she can be located, as outlined herein.
(Ord. 107, passed 10-8-2008; Ord. 08-108, passed 10-8-2008)