Failure by the property owner to comply with each of the standards set forth in § 101.04 above for the exterior of a vacant building within 30 days of notification under this chapter is a separate violation of this Code and subject to the following penalties:
   (A)   Use of any abatement procedure provided in Chapter 97 of Title IX of this Code;
   (B)   Issuance of a criminal citation under this Code, should the owner of a vacant building be found responsible for three or more violations of this chapter on three or more separate buildings within a 30-day period;
   (C)   Issuance of an administrative citation under this Code. There shall be a presumption that a violation continued from day to day between the initial inspection date at which it was observed by the city and a subsequent inspection date at which it continued to exist; and/or
   (D)   Vacant properties that are not registered on the city's vacant property registry shall be subject to an administrative citation of $250 per month; and/or
   (E)   Institution of legal action to pursue any available legal remedy, including but not limited to receivership or injunction, by the City Attorney upon request by the City Council.
(Ord. 2017-102, passed 9-12-2017)