(A)   Deposit required.  All applicants for utility service shall pay a cash deposit at the time of making application for utilities service in the amount of three times the monthly charge for the utilities, or in the case of water meters or special service in the amount of three times the estimated monthly charge therefor as determined by the City Manager. When actual records of previous consumption or charges at the service location are not available, or where the use of the property or the nature or extent of services rendered will change, the estimate shall be based on charges to customers whose installations are similar in size and similarly operated. The city shall have the right to utilize the deposit to pay any outstanding delinquent charges.
   (B)   Return of deposit.  Upon the closing of any account, the balance of the security or prepaid charges, remaining after the closing bill for service has been paid, and less any city offsets, shall be returned to the customer upon application for refund, provided such application is made within one year after discontinuance of service. No interest shall be paid by the city on any such balance. In the event no such application is received in one year, said balance shall be forfeited.
   (C)   Failure to pay bills promptly.  If a customer fails to pay his or her bills promptly as required by this chapter and the city utilizes the customer’s deposit for payment, the City Manager may require as a condition precedent to further service and as security for the payment of bills thereafter to be incurred, further security as described in division (A) above, provided that service will not be discontinued or disconnected for failure to make such deposit until at least 15 days after notice of intention to do so has been given to the customer and to the consumer, if different.
(Ord. 13-105, passed 11-12-2013)