(A)   Fees and charges.  Fees and charges for utility services shall be in the amounts designated by city resolution.
   (B)   Property owner’s responsibility.  An owner or purchaser of premises maintaining water or sewer connections or furnished solid waste disposal service shall assume responsibility for financial obligations of such service effective the date possession of the property is taken.
   (C)   Payments.
      (1)   Place of payment.  Bills are payable at City Hall, 21900 West Colorado Avenue, San Joaquin, California, or to an authorized city collector or city collection agent.
      (2)   Due date.  Payments for utilities are due and payable on the first day of each month succeeding the month in which the services are used. In the event an account is closed, the monthly charges will be prorated on a semi-monthly basis. If payments for utilities are not paid by the 25th day of the month after the charges become due, the city shall add a delinquency penalty as authorized by city resolution.
      (3)   Credit to account.  Payments shall be credited to a customer’s account only when actually received by the city or city collector or collection agent. Payments shall be received “on account” of the customer and shall not apply to charges for any particular period.
      (4)   Checks.  If a remittance tendered in payment of any account fails to clear through the banks and is returned, the account shall be considered unpaid, any receipts issued therefor shall be void, and the indebtedness shall be restored to the account.
      (5)   Service charge for returned checks.  A service charge designated by city resolution shall be assessed for returned checks. This charge shall be made against the account originally credited, shall be added to the amount of the bill, and shall become a part thereof. This returned check service charge is in addition to any collection, restoration or reconnection charges which may otherwise become due and payable. Assessment of this service charge shall not relieve the maker of any criminal or civil liability provided by law.
   (D)   Disputed bills.  Should the amount of any bill for service be questioned, the customer should promptly request an explanation. If the explanation is not satisfactory or is not understood, the customer must pay the bill under protest in order to avoid discontinuance of service. Protests will be addressed to the City Manager, must be in writing, and must state the reasons why the charges are believed to be incorrect. The City Manager will analyze the facts of the case and is authorized to make such adjustments in the charges as may be necessary to effect an equitable settlement. Failure of a customer to pay under protest after initial explanation is offered will warrant discontinuance of service without further notice if bill is not paid by delinquency date.
   (E)   Failure to receive bills.  Utility service bills shall be mailed to the mailing address on the application or other address known to the city. The applicant, property owner, or his or her authorized agent may list a mailing address with the city for use in mailing bills. Failure to request such listing or to receive any bill, invoice, or notice shall not relieve responsibility for timely payment as required.
(Ord. 13-105, passed 11-12-2013)