(A)   Before utilities service shall be supplied to any property by the city, the owner thereof shall sign an application for utility service on a form provided by the city for that purpose. If the property owner rents the premises to a tenant, the tenant may have service installed in the tenant’s name, provided (i) the property owner’s signature, mailing address, and telephone number are also on the application, and (ii) the tenant provides city with a copy of the rental agreement. The property owner may designate on the application that utility bills be addressed to tenant for payment and that property owner receive a copy of past due invoices and notices. The property owner remains responsible for all charges due to the city whether or not the property owner actually lives on the premises.
   (B)   The application shall contain an agreement on the part of the property owner to pay the stipulated utility charges at the time and in the manner provided for in this chapter, to accept unpaid and delinquent charges and penalties as a lien against the property to be served unless the property is owned by a public agency; reserving to the city the right to charge, enforce and collect utility charges and penalties in the manner provided by law; reserving to the city the right to temporarily discontinue the service; further providing that the city or any of its employees shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from defective plumbing or broken or faulty pipes of the property owner.
(Ord. 13-105, passed 11-12-2013)