§ 99.13  REPORTING.
   (A)   Within ten days following the completion of the demolition phase of a covered project, and again within ten days following the completion of the construction phase of a covered project, the applicant shall, as a condition precedent to final inspection and to issuance of any certificate of occupancy or final approval of project, submit documentation to the Building Official that proves compliance with the requirements of the city. The documentation shall show actual waste tonnage date, supported by original or certified photocopies of receipts and weight tags or other records of measurement from recycling companies, deconstruction contractors, and/or landfill and disposal companies. Receipts and weight tags will be used to verify whether waste generated from the covered project has been or is to be recycled, reused, salvaged or disposed. The applicant shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that all designated recyclable and reuse waste salvaged or disposed are measured and recorded using the most accurate method of measurement available.
   (B)   To the extent practical, all construction and demolition waste shall be weighed in compliance with all regulatory requirements for accuracy and maintenance. For construction and demolition waste for which weighing is not practical due to small size or other consideration, a volumetric measurement shall be used. For conversion of volumetric measurements to weight, the applicant shall use the standardized conversion rates approved by the city for this purpose.
   (C)   If covered project involves both demolition and construction, the report and documentation for the demolition project must be submitted and approved by the Building Official before issuance of a building permit for the construction phase of a covered project. Alternatively, the applicant may submit a letter stating that no waste or recyclable materials were generated from the covered project, in which case this statement shall be subject to verification by the Building Official. Any deposit posted shall be forfeited if the applicant does not meet the timely reporting requirements of this section.
(Ord. 13-103, passed 6-5-2013)