(A)   Applicants for a demolition, building or other similar permits for any covered project shall complete the following sections of the construction and demolition recycling program application (RPA) and submit to the City Building Official prior to permit issuance.
      (1)   Project location.
      (2)   Contractor name.
      (3)   Applicant name.
      (4)   Mailing address.
      (5)   Phone number.
      (6)   Type of project.
      (7)   Expected project start date.
      (8)   Project address and lot number.
      (9)   Signed and dated.
   (B)   Prior to receiving a certificate of occupancy or final inspection for the project, the applicant shall place the estimated diversion rate percentage on the recycling program application and submit to the city’s Planning Department. The diversion rate percentage should be provided by the collector at the end of the project.
   (C)   Once the RPA form is complete, the City Building Official will review and determine if applicant has met the following conditions:
      (1)   The RPA form provides all information required.
      (2)   The RPA indicates that at least 50% of remaining C&D debris generated by the project was diverted from a landfill.
(Ord. 13-103, passed 6-5-2013)