For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   APPLICANT.  Any individual, firm, limited liability company, association, partnership, political subdivision, government agency, municipality, industry, public or private corporation, or any other entity who applies to the city for the applicable permits to undertake any construction, demolition, or renovation project within the city.
   COLLECTOR.  The city’s exclusive service provider under contract to collect refuse, green waste, recyclables, and construction and demolition materials.
   CONSTRUCTION. The building, rehabilitation, remodeling, renovation or repair of any facility or structure or any portion thereof, including any tenant improvements to an existing facility or structure.
   CONSTRUCTION AND/OR DEMOLITION DEBRIS. Discarded materials generally not considered water soluble, and non hazardous in nature, including, but not limited to, steel, glass, brick, concrete, asphalt material, pipe, gypsum, wallboard, wood and lumber from the construction or destruction of a structure as part of a construction, renovation, demolition or landscaping project, and including rocks, soils, tree remains, green waste and bulky waste that normally results from land clearing, landscaping and development operations for a construction and demolition project.
   DEMOLITION.  The decimating, razing, ruining, tearing down or wrecking of any facility, structure, pavement or building, whether in whole or in part, whether interior or exterior.
   DIVERT, DIVERTED, or DIVERSION.  To use material for any purpose other than disposal in a landfill or transformation facility.
   DIVERSION REQUIREMENT.  The diversion of at least 50% of the total construction and demolition debris generated by a project via reuse or recycling, unless applicant has been granted an exemption, in which case the diversion requirement shall be the maximum feasible diversion rate. Applicants must also comply with the 2010 California Green Building Standard Code.
   HAZARDOUS WASTE.  Any solid or liquid waste that is defined under Cal. Public Resources Code § 40141, as amended periodically.
   PROJECT.  Any activity involving construction, demolition, or renovation, in the city which requires issuance of a demolition permit, building permit or other similar permit from the city. PROJECT also includes city public project construction, demolition or renovation.
   RECYCLING PROGRAM APPLICATION.  A form that is approved by the city for the purpose of compliance with this chapter, submitted by the applicant for any covered project.
(Ord. 13-103, passed 6-5-2013)