There is hereby adopted by the City Council for the purpose of prescribing regulations governing conditions hazardous to life and property from fire, hazardous materials or explosion, these certain codes and standards known as the 2019 Edition of the California Fire Code. As the California Fire Code, 2019 Edition, thereof and whole thereof, including Appendix Chapter 4, B, BB, C, CC, D-I, K, N and O, 2019 Edition, the State of California Title 24, Part 9, California Fire Code Amendments of 2019, including Erratas and Supplements hereafter, same and except such portions as are hereinafter deleted, modified, or amended by this subchapter. A copy of the Code and Standards is now on file in the office of the City Clerk and the San Gabriel Fire Department and are hereby adopted and incorporated as if fully set out at length herein. The provisions hereof shall be controlling within the limits of the incorporated areas of the city.
(‘65 Code, § 4-4.102)  (Ord. 461-C.S., passed 12-5-95; Am. Ord. 502- C.S., passed 6-3-99; Am. Ord. 531-C.S., passed 10-15-02; Am. Ord. 575-C.S., passed 11-20-07; Am. Ord. 587 C.S., passed 12-7-10; Am. Ord. 607-C.S., passed 11-19-13; Am. Ord. 630-C.S., passed 12-6-16; Am. Ord. 655, passed 11-19-19)