381.01   Definitions.
381.02   Flashing lights prohibited; exceptions.
381.03   Siren prohibited; exceptions.
381.04   Vessels to carry lights.
381.05   Completing boating course as prerequisite to licensing.
381.051   Presenting proof of license.
381.052   Powercraft rentals.
381.06   Operator of vessel to maintain control.
381.07   Reckless or unsafe operation of vessel, water skis, aquaplane.
381.071   Authority of ranger when especially hazardous condition exists.
381.08   Prohibiting operation in certain areas - low speed areas.
381.09   Prohibited acts.
381.10   Stopping and furnishing information upon accident or collision.
381.11   Incapacitated operators prohibited.
381.12   Failure to comply with order of law enforcement - fleeing and eluding.
381.121   Duty to stop or give way upon approach of Ranger Department vessel.
381.122   Vessel wake restrictions.
381.13   Water skiing activity confined to ski zones.
381.14   Observer required when towing skier.
381.15   Water skiing after dark prohibited.
381.16   Personal floatation device required for water skiing.
381.17   Restrictions on sitting, standing, walking on moving vessel.
381.18   Personal floatation devices required for child under 10.
381.19   Prohibiting operation without personal floatation device.
381.191   Use of approved distress signals or flags.
381.192   Requiring anchor and line.
381.193   Required fire extinguishers.
381.194   Backfire flame control device.
381.195   Ventilation requirements.
381.196   Muffler or muffler system required - noise levels.
381.197   Requiring capacity plate.
381.20   Exceeding capacity plate figures.
381.21   Personal watercraft operation requirements.
381.22   Littering prohibited.
381.23   Hull identification number.
381.24   Tampering with identifying marks.
381.25   Enforcement.
381.26   Tampering with navigation aid or vessel.
381.99   Penalty.
Watercraft and waterways - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 1547
Watercraft regulations - see Ohio Administrative Code Ch. 1501:47 et seq.
Boating regulations - see Land Use Code Ch. 757