Camping is a seasonal activity, dates are posted online. All campers or visitors shall abide by the camping rules authorized and restrictions set forth by the Board as requirement conditions of the area being used. Including but not limited to:
(a)   All persons using the campgrounds must be registered. Reservations are required prior to arrival. Reservations can be obtained by logging onto www.lovemyparks.com or by contacting 419-334-4495.
(b)   Vehicles operated or occupied by non-campers are not permitted. All visitors must exit the campground by 11:00 p.m.
(c)   Site limitations: (per site)
(1)   One (1) camping vehicle and One (1) tent.
(2)   Two (2) tents.
(3)   Two (2) vehicles per camping spot.
(4)   Eight (8) campers.
(d)   Permit expires at 12:00 pm on the date listed on permit. Check in time is at 2:00 pm.
(e)   No person or camping vehicle/camp dwelling shall occupy the same site longer than seven (7) consecutive days.
(f)   No person shall camp in a Park District Facility more than fourteen (14) days at all Park District properties within a thirty (30)-day period. Also includes camping vehicles/camp dwellings and camping equipment.
(g)   Pets must be on a leash at all times, and may not be left unattended. There is a maximum of two (2) pets per site. Pets must have current rabies vaccine, and be wearing an identification tag. Pets are not permitted in restrooms, showers, or other campground buildings or structures.
(1)   No person who is the handler or owner of a domestic dog, house pet, or cat shall fail to clean up and place in a rubbish receptacle any excrement left by their pet in the camping area or Park District property.
(2)   No person shall wash a domestic dog, house pet, or cat at a water fountain, Park District showers, water pump, or in the quarry at White Star Park.
(3)   Pets shall not become a nuisance to other campers by excessive barking or noise.
(h)   Personal property remaining on a campsite after the expiration of the rental period is considered forfeit.
(i)   No person shall cause, create or contribute in any way to noise, including but not limited to, playing a radio or other electronically amplified device, or a musical instrument in any way that disturbs the peace and quiet of other persons, in any manner in any area administered by the Park District.
(j)   Approved special events, events with a Park District permit, or Park District related sponsored activities may be exempt from paragraphs (g), (h) and (j) of this rule.
(k)   No person shall operate or bring into any camping area, any vehicle used for camping, and having plumbing fixtures with provision for outside drainage, which does not include suitable, non-spilling holding tank which will not overflow and being connected with leak-proof couplings to a drain(s) that is controllable and will not allow any contents to be drained except into suitable park drainage facilities. It shall be permissible for drain(s) from sink, wash basin, and shower to be drained into a suitable external holding device of a capacity of at least five gallons provided such device is not spilled, overflowed, or drained onto a campsite. Any waste water disposed of at the Park District shall be disposed of in an approved and marked park facility. All campers or R.V. shall have a water hose that is rated for potable water use only.
(l)   No person shall sublease, transfer, or assign his/her campsite, lodge, or rentable facility to another person. No person shall linger or loiter in the campground area or campground building facility without being the invited visitor of a registered camper.
(m)   No person shall have a campfire outside of a Park District provided fire ring. Fire rings are not permitted to be removed from other campsites. Trash or wood containing nails is prohibited from being burned in fire rings.
(n)   The Park District or its employees shall not be responsible for damages incurred to personal or private property when in use or parked upon Park District property. The Park District or its employees are not responsible for accidents, injuries, loss or theft of personal property, damages to campers, tents, automobiles or other personal property. The Park District and or its employees is not responsible for loss or damage resulting from power outages, or disconnections due to lack of payment.
(o)   Grills are not permitted on picnic tables.
(p)   No person shall walk through the campsite of another or allow their pet to enter other campsites.
(q)   Fireworks are not permitted in any land or campground owned by the Park District, this includes sparklers.
(r)   Smoking or vaping is prohibited in any Park District owned building, this includes the restrooms and shower facilities.
(s)   All trash/garbage must be put into garbage bags, properly sealed, and then placed into the dumpsters provided by the Park District. Garbage bags shall contain only general household trash generated while camping. Absolutely no hazardous waste, refrigerators/freezers, air conditioners, tires, batteries or paint cans shall be placed in dumpsters. The dumpsters provided by the Park District are for persons who have reserved and paid for a campsite only.
(t)   No person shall establish or maintain any camp or other temporary lodging place except in designated areas. No person shall set up camp until registered for a campsite first.
(u)   No person shall wash or repair any motor vehicle in the camping area or any Other Park District property. No person shall use Park District water for any other purpose except for camping. No person shall permit Park District water to remain open and on in a flowing manner permitting water waste.
(v)   No person shall park a motor vehicle in any other place that is not designated as a parking area. Motor vehicles parked in the grass is prohibited. Campers are not permitted to be parked sideways (horizontal) on the parking pads. All campers shall be parked facing the same direction as the parking pads.
(w)   The Park District reserves the right to refuse service to, or remove from the premises, without refund, anyone whose conduct may be deemed improper for our campgrounds.
(x)   All motor vehicles and under speed vehicles (USV) must be operated by a person with a valid driver license and the vehicles must be insured and have valid license plates.
(y)   Fish waste shall not be disposed of in the campground dumpsters or garbage receptacles. Fire place ashes are not permitted to be disposed of in any dumpster or garbage receptacle.
(z)   Electric vehicle charging is prohibited.
(aa)   Outside refrigerators, freezers or large appliances are prohibited.
(bb)   All campgrounds are generator-free camping areas. Generator use and battery charging by engine idling is prohibited.
(1)   Generators are permitted in the White Star Barn area during special events approved by the Park District or by permit.
(cc)   Fire wood is available for a donation to the Sandusky County Park District displayed by signage. It is prohibited to take fire wood without first paying the appropriate fee.
(dd)   A dump station is available for free of charge for campers who have paid for a campsite.
(1)   The dump station is available for non-camping guests who have paid a fee set by the Park District. The fee must be paid first prior to using the dump station.