Ord. No.    Date   Description
6158-C   12-23-63   Exchange Street changed to Venice Road.
6158-C   12-23-63   Park Street changed to Oak Lane.
6158-C   12-23-63   Market Street and Lima-Sandusky Road changed to Fremont Avenue.
6158-C   12-23-63   South Street changed to Elwood Place.
6193-C   4-6-64   Flogler Street changed to Springdale Drive.
6531-C   2-20-67   Ninth Street and part of Cleveland Avenue changed to Cleveland Road.
6769-C   2-23-68   Railroad Street changed to Shoreline Drive.
7110-C   1-25-71   Judy Lane to Susan Lane.
98-193   8-10-98   Causeway Dr.  changed to Cedar Point Dr., extending from Cleveland Rd., N.  to First St.
07-075   11-13-07   Changing the name of Cooke Street, extending from Hayes Avenue (State Route 4) to current Decatur Street, in the City, to Decatur Street.
08-145   12-22-08   Changing the name of South Depot Street, extending from Camp Street to Hayes Avenue (State Route 4) to Seavers Way.
11-039   4-25-11   Changing the name of Shelby Street, extending from Pierce Street to Buchanan Street, in the City, to Eddy Henry Way.
16-135      8-22-16   Changing the name of Grant Street, extending from Hayes Avenue to Camp Street, to Orlando Pace Drive.