(a)   Submission and Action by Mayor.  The application shall be addressed and submitted to the Mayor and the City Manager.  The Mayor, within thirty days after receiving the application, shall submit the application with the Mayor’s recommendation to the Sandusky City Commission.  The application is a public record for purposes of Ohio R.C. 149.43 upon its receipt by the Mayor.
   (b)   Public Notice by City Commission.  Within thirty days after the City Commission receives the application and the Mayor’s recommendations relating to the application, the Clerk of the City Commission shall, by notice published once a week for two consecutive weeks in at least one newspaper of general circulation in the City, notify the public that the application is on file in the office of the Clerk of the City Commission and is available for inspection by the public during regular business hours.  The notice shall also indicate the date and time of any public hearing to be conducted by the Sandusky City Commission.
   (c)   Action by City Commission.  Within seventy-five days after the date the application is filed with the Mayor, the City Commission by ordinance or resolution shall approve or disapprove the application based on whether the proposed Community Entertainment District does or will substantially contribute to entertainment, retail, educational, sporting, social, cultural or arts opportunities for the community.  Any approval of an application shall be by an affirmative majority vote of the City Commission.  In the event that the City Commission fails to act within seventy-five days, the application shall be deemed to be disapproved and the application fee shall be returned to the applicant, minus any advertising fees.
   (d)   Revision and Re-Submission.  If the City Commission disapproves the application, the applicant may make changes in the application to secure its approval by the Commission.  Any area contained in an application that is approved by the City Commission constitutes a Community Entertainment District and a local option election may be conducted in the District, as a type of community facility, under Ohio R.C. 4301.356.
(Ord. 05-090.  Passed 5-9-05.)