(a)    "Estimated cost" as used in this chapter and in the schedule of fees published in the Office of the Director of Engineering Services, means the reasonable value of all services, labor, materials and use of scaffolding and other appliances or devices entering into and necessary to the prosecution and completion of the work ready for occupancy.  However, the cost of excavation or grading, and of painting, decorating or other work that is merely for embellishment or not necessary for the safe and lawful use of the building or structure, is not deemed a part of such estimated cost.
   (b)    “Schedule of fees” as used in this Chapter means the processing fees for the application of permits required by this chapter as established by the Director of Engineering Services and approved by the City Manager which shall be published in the office of the Director of Engineering Services. 
(Ord. 05-119.  Passed 7-25-05.)