The height of any main or accessory building shall not exceed 2 stories or 35 feet, in Automobile Parking, Local or Roadside Business Districts, and not exceed 125 feet in General Business and Downtown Business Districts; except chimneys, church spires, flagpoles, radio towers, water tanks, and other permitted mechanical appurtenances located upon or designed in connection with the main building, may be erected above the height limit.
   Properties north of Shoreline Drive Extended: maximum height of 45' except that chimneys, flagpoles, towers, water tanks, and other mechanical appurtenances located upon or constructed in the connection with a building may be erected above maximum height specified; if a variance to the maximum height is granted, then for every 15 feet above the maximum, an additional 30’ of setback shall be required between buildings.  The height shall be measured from the established street grade, as defined in Chapter 1107, to the highest point of the building.
(Ord. 04-057.  Passed 1-12-04.)