(a)   Main Buildings and Uses.
      (1)   All stores, services, dwellings, and other uses permitted in Roadside Business Districts;
      (2)   Additional retail business stores and services conducted wholly within enclosed buildings, and devoted to supplying all community needs to the following extent:
         A.   The sale of all food; frozen food lockers; state liquor stores;
         B.   The sale of general merchandise; dry goods, wearing apparel, shoes, hats, variety, and department stores;
         C.   The sale of all hardware, appliances, china, furniture, floor and wall covering, business equipment, music, radios and televisions, provided no loudspeakers broadcast onto the street;
         D.   Shops for custom work, and all personal service establishments without limitation on the number of persons engaged in work, provided the services rendered and articles produced are to be sold only at retail, and only on the premises;
         E.   Photographic developing, blueprinting, letter and small job printing shops, medical and dental laboratories, radio and television broadcasting stations, transmittal towers, telephone exchanges, and transformer stations;
         F.   Railroad and bus passenger stations, taxi stations;
         G.   Offices such as banks, travel bureaus, public utility, insurance, and all types of business and professional offices;
         H.   Wholesale offices and showrooms.
   (b)   Similar Main Uses.  Any other general business store, shop, or service not listed above or in any subsequent use classification and determined as similar by the Commission.
   (c)   Accessory Buildings or Uses.
      (1)   Accessory off-street parking and loading facilities as required and set forth in Chapter 1149;
      (2)   Any accessory use, such as the storage of goods or processing operations clearly incident to the conduct of a retail business, service establishment or office permitted as a main use, providing the use has no injurious effect on adjoining residential districts.
         (Ord. 04-057.  Passed 1-12-04.)