(a)   Main Buildings and Uses.
      (1)   All stores, services, dwellings, and other uses permitted in Local Business Districts;
      (2)   Additional retail business stores and services conducted wholly within enclosed buildings, or adjoining and operated in connection with an establishment in an enclosed building to the following extent:
         A.   The sale and serving of all beverages, and eating places of all types permitting dancing and live entertainment. Conditional use permits shall be obtained by places selling or serving alcoholic beverages, and by all drive-in establishments;
         B.   Motels, hotels; fraternal and social clubs, and labor union halls;
         C.   Automotive services, repair or service garages, and buildings for the sale of new and second-hand motor vehicles. The parking of vehicles with or without a fee, the sale of gasoline and oil, and the sale of motor vehicles may be permitted on an open lot, providing all requirements for front yards in the Business District as set forth in the Zoning Code are met;
         D.   The sale of boats and other marine supplies; motorcycles, bicycle shops; sports and athletic equipment; pet shops;
         E.   Amusement and recreational services, such as assembly and meeting halls, billiard halls, bowling alleys, dance halls, indoor theaters, skating rinks, and other social, sports, or recreation establishments, provided the services are conducted within a building, sufficiently sound-insulated to confine the noise to the premises;
         F.   Nursery stock, monuments, garden equipment, supplies, and garden furniture may be sold on an open lot, provided the operation is in connection with an established related business conducted within a building not more than 150 feet therefrom, and provided goods are not sold, displayed, or stored in a required yard;
      (3)   Microbrewery.
      (4)   Transient Occupancy.
   (b)   Similar Main Uses.  Any other business store, shop, or service not listed above or in any subsequent use classification, and determined as similar by the Commission.
   (c)   Accessory Buildings or Uses.
      (1)   Accessory off-street parking and loading facilities as required and set forth in Chapter 1149;
      (2)   Any accessory use, such as the storage of goods and processing operations clearly incident to the conduct of a retail business or service establishment permitted as main uses, provided the use has no injurious effect on adjoining residential districts.
         (Ord. 17-088.  Passed 5-8-17.)