1133.01 INTENT.
   Automobile Parking, Local Business, Roadside Business, General Business, and Downtown Business Districts and their regulations are established in order to achieve among others, the following purposes:
   (a)   To provide in appropriate and convenient districts, sufficient areas for business activities, and the exchange of goods and services;
   (b)   To provide automobile parking districts for expansion of off-street parking where needed, to provide a transitional use wherein open land uses would be more appropriate than building developments;
   (c)   To provide local business districts in close proximity, and serving the ordinary shopping needs of the immediate neighborhood;
   (d)   To provide roadside business districts to serve the motorist, and locations for drive-ins and other establishments, which are associated with large volumes of traffic;
   (e)   To provide general business districts which require larger storage space, are open in evenings, or generate large volumes of traffic, serving the extraordinary needs of the entire community;
   (f)   To protect adjacent residential developments by restricting the types of business uses, particularly at the common boundaries, which would create hazards, noise, odors, or other objectionable influences;
   (g)   To protect both residential and business developments from congestion by requiring off- street parking and loading facilities;
   (h)   To encourage the tendency of business to group in centers and with sufficient depth from the street to satisfy the needs of modern developments to the mutual advantage of customers and merchants; and
   (i)   To promote the most desirable land uses in accordance with a well-considered plan, to stabilize residential and business developments, and to enhance values.
      (Ord. 04-057.  Passed 1-12-04.)