Building or Use
Required Minimum Parking Space
(a)       Residential
One-family dwelling
2 spaces/dwelling unit
Two-family dwelling
2 spaces/dwelling unit
Rooming house, rented rooms
1 space per roomer plus  space for the resident family
Row dwelling or apartment
1-1/2 spaces per dwelling unit
Hotels, motels, tourist homes
1 space per guest room or suite plus parking for restaurant if any
Group homes
1 space per two rooms, plus 1 space per staff person
Physician's office in private residence
Minimum 3 spaces
Manufactured homes
2 spaces/dwelling unit
(b)  Institutions.
1 space per 5 beds
1 space per 400 sq. ft. of floor area
Places of worship
1 space per each 4 seats in auditorium assembly room
Public buildings, municipal and education
Number of spaces to be determined based on site development
Sanitariums, homes for the aged, nursing homes and similar uses
1 space per 2 beds.
(c)  Amusement and Assembly.
Theaters, lodge halls, auditoriums, arenas, stadiums and other places of assembly
1 space per 4 seats in building
Dance halls, skating rinks, swimming pools and arcades
1 space per 50 sq. ft. of area used for dancing, skating or swimming
Bowling alleys
7 spaces per alley
1 space per 40 sq. ft. of assembly room, or 1 space for each 4 seats, whichever requires the greater
Outdoor amusements
1 space per 1,000 sq. ft. of lot area used for amusement purposes
(d)  Business.
Gasoline service stations
1 space per 2 gas pumps plus 2 spaces per bay
Medical and dental offices and clinics
1 space per 200 sq. ft. floor area
Retail stores, banks, other office buildings, service establishments and auto repair shops
1 space per 250 square feet gross floor area of ground floor; 1 space per 300 sq. ft. of other floors
Eating places, bars, taverns
1 space per 100 square feet gross floor area
2 spaces per 3 boat slips
(e)  Commercial and Manufacturing
Commercial services, laboratories, storage machine shops and similar establishments
1 space per 650 square feet of gross floor area
Manufacturing plants as permitted in LM and GM Districts
1 space per 1,300 square feet of gross floor space
Central Business District
Off-street parking not required.  Parking to be provided only where feasible
2 spaces per classroom but not less than 6 spaces
(f)  Other Buildings or Uses.
For a specific building or use not scheduled above, the Commission shall apply the unit of measure of the above schedule deemed to be most similar to the proposed building or use.
(1980 Code 151.85)