(a)   The Board of Examiners shall have the duty to conduct examinations for licenses, these examinations designed to determine the qualifications of the applicant to be licensed and engage in the trade or business of plumbing, as contemplated by the provisions of the Plumbing Code; and to issue or renew licenses.
   (b)   The Board of Examiners shall have the power:
(1)   To make, adopt, and alter rules of procedure for the conduct of meetings, proceedings, and examinations.
(2)   To select a chairman or presiding officer.
(3)   To suspend or revoke the license of a journeyman plumber who, after hearing, has been found guilty of a violation of the laws of the state of Ohio, or of the Plumbing Code, relating to the installing, altering, or repairing of any plumbing, or its testing, inspection, and approval.
(4)   To cause criminal prosecutions to be brought against persons, partnerships, firms, or corporations found to be violating provisions of the Plumbing Code.
         (Ord.  01-216.  Passed 9-24-01.)