The following process shall apply to the submittal, review and approval of a preliminary plat for major subdivision.
(a)   Submittal.  Every subdivider desiring to create a major subdivision as defined by the Subdivision Regulations shall prepare and submit to the Department of Community Development seventeen (17) copies of a preliminary plat, including all information required for a preliminary plat by the provisions of the Subdivision Regulations.  At the time of filing of a preliminary plat for a major subdivision, the subdivider shall submit a fee in the amount required by the ordinances of the City.
(b)   City Staff Review.  The Department of Community Development shall distribute the preliminary plat to the Department of Engineering Services, Fire Prevention Bureau, Police Department and other City officials when applicable for review for compliance with all applicable requirements.  The Department of Community Development shall make available the results of such reviews to the Planning Commission and to the subdivider.
(c)   Planning Commission Review and Action. The Planning Commission shall review the preliminary plat and related materials and any reports submitted by City staff and shall take action within thirty (30) days after the preliminary plat is first submitted.  The Planning Commission may approve the plat as submitted or modified, or conditionally approve the plat and stipulate the conditions of such approval, or disapprove the plat and express the reasons therefor.  The action of the Planning Commission shall be noted on two (2) copies of the preliminary plat.  One copy shall be returned to the subdivider and the other retained by the Department of Community Development.
(d)   Effect of Planning Commission Approval.  Approval of a preliminary plat shall not constitute approval of the final plat, but shall be deemed an expression of approval of the layout as a guide to preparation of the final plat.  Preliminary plat approval shall be effective for twenty-four (24) months.  The Planning Commission may grant extensions of the preliminary plat approval.
      (Ord. 02-176.  Passed 10-28-02.)