1175.03  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of these regulations is to regulate and control the subdivision of land within the City of Sandusky.  These regulations are intended to:
(a)   Promote the proper arrangement of streets and lots, safe and convenient vehicular traffic and pedestrian circulation, and adequate access for service and emergency vehicles;
(b)   Plan for the provision of adequate and convenient recreational and open space areas, school sites, and other public facilities;
(c)   Insure the adequate provision of water, drainage, and sanitary sewer facilities, and other health requirements;
(d)   Provide the orderly development of land to obtain an overall harmonious and stable community environment;
(e)   Coordinate land development in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance, the Comprehensive Plan, and other regulations of the City of Sandusky;
(f)   Manage the natural resource base for present and future use on a sustained basis.
      (Ord. 02-176.  Passed 10-28-02.)