Date   Ord.No.   Description
4-24-61   5919-C      R1-60 to RB (Outlot 3 of Darling's Survey east of Sycamore Line)
6-5-61   5928-C      CR1-40 to RB (Lots 145, 147, and 149, Sherman Street)
6-19-61   5938-C      R1-40 to RB (Lots 250 and 252 Columbus Avenue)
6-26-61   5940-C      R1-40 to CS (Lots 42 through 47 Mills Street)
7-31-61   5945-C      R-2F to R-RB (Lots 13 and 15 Central Avenue)
9-18-61   5962-C   R1-60 to RMF (Lot 20 of John W. Upps subdivision)
11-6-61   5973-C   R-2F to RMF (Lot 33 east Washington Street)
1-15-62   5985-C   R-RB to LB (Lot 16 on Tiffin Avenue etc.)
3-5-62   5995-C   R1-40 to LB (Lot 542 Putnam Street)
11-12-62   6070-C   LM to GM (Various lots on Fulton, Decatur, Water, Lawrence, and  McDonough Streets)
4-15-63   6104-C   R1-75 to CA (northwest part of Cedar Point Peninsula)4-15-63 6106-C CR to CS (Certain lands in First Ward, lying east of Meigs Street and south of Washington Street)
11-25-63   6152-C   GB to CS (Near Milan Road and McKelvey Street)
1-13-64   6167-C   R-2F to RMF (Lots C, B, and E on east side of Fulton Street)
2-3-64   6171-C   R1-60 to CS (Musson Farm property)
2-24-64   6182-C   CR to RMF (part of Lots 10 and 11 in Darling's Survey east of Pipe  Creek)
2-24-64   6183-C   R1-50 to RMF (Lots 1 through 14 Biscayne Drive and Lots 15, 16, and 17 Venetian Drive)
5-4-64   6208-C   Setback line reduced from 30 feet to 15 feet on north side of Perkins  Avenue from Sadler Street to Camp Street
7-27-64   6237-C   Setback lines reduced or deleted on certain portions of Farwell Street
8-3-64   6238-C   Setback line amended on property at southwest corner of Sycamore Line  and McKelvey Street
8-17-64   6245-C   R1-40 to GB (Lots 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19 on Cowdery  Street, Lots 2 and 4 on Caldwell Street and Lots 6 and 8 on Smith Street)
8-24-64   6246-C   R-2F to RMF (part of Lots 32 and 34 on Hancock Street and part of Lots  35 and 37 on Wayne Street)
8-31-64   6255-C   LM to GM (property owned by Philco Division of the Ford Motor  Company on south side of W. Monroe Street)
8-31-64   6256-C   R1-60 to RMF (Lot 266 on Milan Road, Lot 264 on Forty Second Street,  and Lot 2121 Milan Road)
9-14-64   6262-C   LM to GM (Cellulo Company property)
10-5-64   6267-C   R1-50 to R-2F (part of Mills, 175 acre tract)
12-14-64   6287-C   R1-40 to P (part of Lots 109, 111, and 113 on Sadler Street)
3-1-65   6306-C   R-2F to RMF (Lot 132, 130, and part of 128 Columbus Avenue)
3-15-65   6307-C   R-2F to P (Lot 37 on Jackson Street)
3-15-65   6311-C   R1-75 to P (34 acres of Cedar Point Improvement Company's second  subdivision)
4-12-65   6325-C   R1-40 to CS (Lots 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, and 36 on Grant Street, and Lots 146, 148, and 150 on Thomas Street)
4-12-65   6326-C   R1-40 to GB (Lots 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 on Knapp Street and part of outlot  77)
4-12-65   6327-C   PF to GB (property bounded by Thomas Street, Novelty Street and outlots  66 and 67)
4-12-65   6328-C   GB to PF (Lot 12 on Novelty Street and part of Lot  10 on Novelty Street)
6-1-65   6346-C   R1-60 to RMF (2 acres of outlot 3 in Darling's  Survey east of Sycamore  Line)
6-28-65   6353-C   R1-60 to RMF (2 acres of original Lot 17 east of Sycamore Line near  Milan Road)
7-26-65   6365-C   R-2F to CS (222 West Boalt Street)
8-9-65   6369-C   R1-40 to GB (Lots 5, 7, 9, and 11 on Smith Street)
8-9-65   6370-C   R1-60 to R-2F (Lot 10 on Rohde Street)
8-23-65   6374-C   LB to CS (Lots 55 and 61 on Franklin Street, Lot  77 and part of Lot 75  on Hancock Street)
1-31-66   6416-C   R-2F to PF (Lot 47 on Decatur Street, part of Lot  117 on Hayes Avenue;  and Lot 1 on Tyler Street)
1-31-66   6417-C   R1-40 and R1-60 to P (part of Lot 218 and all of  Lot 300 on Milan Road)
3-7-66   6423-C   R-2F to LM (N.E. intersection of West Monroe  Street and Huron Street)
4-4-66   6430-C   R1-40 to R-RB (parts of Lots 106 and 108 on Hayes Avenue)
5-2-66   6438-C   R-RB to LB (1602 Hayes Avenue)
7-11-66   6457-C   Setback line reduced on both sides of Venice Road from Tiffin Avenue to the old corporation limits
8-29-66   6480-C   GB to LM (2602 Venice Road)
8-29-66   6481-C   R-2F to CS and R-2F to CB (vicinity of Finch  Street and Franklin Street)
10-10-66   6490-C   LB to PF (611 Tyler Street)
10-10-66   6491-C   R-RB to LB (1603, 1607, 1613, 1621, and 1627 Hayes  Avenue)
11-7-66   6502-C   R-2F to LB (538 Huron Avenue)
12-12-66   6508-C   R1-60 to RB (Lots 9, 10, and 11 in the subdivision of outlots 7 and 8 in  Darling's Survey east of Sycamore Line)
12-12-66   6509-C   LB to CS (1028 Hancock Street)
1-3-67   6518-C    R1-60 to CS (422 Buchanan Street)
1-30-67   6525-C   CS to RMF (Lots 43 to 50 on Water Street)
2-27-67   6532-C   R1-40 to P (Lots 130, 132, 134, 136, 138, 140, 142, and 144 on Thomas  Street)
5-1-67   6545-C   R1-75 CR (vicinity of Cedar Point parking area and bridge No. 2)
9-5-67   6596-C   R-2F to PF (Lots 3 and 6 on Tyler Street)
9-25-67   6601-C   GB to CS (part of Lots 22 and 23, Scranton's Survey, south of Southwark)
10-30-67   6638-C   R-2F to PF (part of Lots 3 and 5 on Tyler Street)
1-2-68   6660-C   R1-50 to GB (vicinity of Johnson and Thomas Streets)
1-29-68   6672-C   R-2F to LB (606, 612, and 614 West Madison Street, and 616 and 620  Poplar Street)
2-26-68   6679-C   R-2F to PF (part of Lot 4 on Van Buren Street in Keech's Addition)
6-3-68   6721-C   R-2F to PF (709 Tyler Street)
8-5-68   6748-C   R-2F to RMF (parts of Lots 2, 4, 6, and 8 Perry Street)
8-12-68   6751-C   GB to RMF (Lots 13, 14, 15, 22, and 23 Scranton's Survey on Sycamore Line)
10-14-68   6778-C   R1-40 to R-2F (1503 Clinton Street)
10-21-68   6781-C   R1-2F to PF (717 Tyler Street)
7-14-69   6865-C   R1-40 to GB (Property on Sycamore Line)
7-14-69   6866-C   RB to GB (Property on Cleveland Road)
8-18-69   6876-C   R1-50 to LB and RMF (Clarence Wagner property on Cleveland Road)
9-29-69   6901-C   Hayes, Pierce, Buchanan, McDonough Street area to public facilities
10-13-69   6907-C   Clinton Street lots to RMF
10-13-69   6910-C   1806 First Street to P
11-10-69   6917-C   909 First Street to R2-F
11-10-69   6918-C   2325 Columbus Avenue to P
11-17-69   6925-C   1401 McKinley to RMF
12-29-69   6945-C   2121, 2207, 2227, 2307, and 2311 Cleveland Road to GB
2-23-70   6982-C   1924, 1950, 2016, and 2022 Milan Road to LM
3-9-70   6985-C   Cleveland Road lots to GB (2112, 2124, 2206, 2214, 2218, 2222, 2228,  2236, 2300, 2310 and 2350)
4-13-70   6999-C   1020 and 1024 Hancock Street to CS
5-11-70   7015-C   Campbell, Johnson Sherman Street area to RMF
5-25-70   7021-C   Parish Street - Wayne Street area to R1-40
5-25-70   7022-C   Cleveland Road - Cowdery Street area to GB and R1-50
6-8-70   7028-C   Sunnyside Acres on north to R1-50
6-29-70   7038-C   McKelvey St. R/W - between Sycamore Line and Cleveland Road to PF
6-29-70   7039-C   202 W. Madison Street to LB
8-10-70   7052-C   Sadler Street lots to GB
8-10-70   7053-C   1113 Franklin Street to RMF
10-12-70   7077-C   Jefferson and Decatur to LB - Dr. Ernst
11-30-70   7091-C   Lot 35 on Jackson Street to LB
12-21-70   7100-C   Warren and Monroe to RB - A. J. Linz
12-28-70   7102-C   Lots on Sherman and Grant Streets to CS - Hurst
1-25-71   7120-C   Lawrence and Fulton Streets lots to GM - Sandusky Foundry
3-22-71   7143-C   Lots on First Street to R-2F
3-29-71   7147-C   520-22 E. Market Street to RMF
4-26-71   7154-C   1318 Tiffin Avenue to Roadside Business
6-1-71   7172-C   316 Neil Street to P
6-28-71   7182-C   N 1/2 of lot 51 on Franklin Street to CS
7-12-71   7192-C   1924 Cleveland Road to General Business
8-9-71   7203-C   1001 Mills Street to R-2F
10-4-71   7220-C   1317 and 1325 Hayes Avenue from LB to PF
10-4-71   7222-C   1703 Cleveland Road
12-13-71   7247-C   Tyler Street lots R-2F to PF
12-20-71   7257-C   East of Sycamore line R1-60 to RMF
1-24-72   7270-C   2001 Columbus Avenue CS to R-RB
2-28-72   7283-C   Lots Scranton's Survey, south of Southwark RMF to GB
3-13-72   7291-C   Butler and Parish Street lots - R1-40 to GB
3-13-72   7292-C   Jackson and Decatur Street lots - R-2F to PF
3-27-72   7299-C   529 E. Adams Street R-2F to R-RB
4-17-72   7310-C   LaRiviera Motel 1021 Cleveland Road LB to GB
4-24-72   7313-C   2054 Cleveland Road R1-60 to R-2F
4-24-72   7314-C   First Street lots R-2F to RMF
4-24-72   7315-C   Fulton and Monroe Street lots - R-2F to GB
7-10-72   7342-C   208 Perry Street R-2F to RMF
7-10-72   7343-C   Venice Road Area GM To PF
7-31-72   7351-C   Putnam Street lots LB to RMF
10-30-72   7371-C   King Street lots R1-40 to P
11-20-72   7381-C   Second Street lots R1-40 to RMF
11-27-72   7382-C   Lot 23 Columbus Avenue from LB to PF
12-11-72   7394-C   616 E. Market Street R-2F to RMF
8-13-73   7489-C   Perry Street lots - from R2-F and CS to RMF
10-9-73   7523-C   West of Camp Street R. Sallee - R-2F to RMF LUI Rating 3.81/18 units
11-19-73   7531-C   1604 Hayes Avenue R-RB to LB
2-25-74   7594-C   Tyler Street lots R-2F to PF - Good Sam
6-17-74   7660-C   1715 Columbus Avenue - Solid fence
9-16-74   7691-C   Lots on "C" Street and E. Perkins Avenue from R1-40 to GB
12-30-74   7750-C   RMF for property on McKinley and Fifth Street with LUI rating 4.0
3-3-75   7765-C   432 E. Washington Street to RMF
6-9-75   7815-C   First and Second Street lots to CR
7-7-75   7824-C   Property at Hayes and Pierce Streets to PF (Providence Hospital)
8-4-75   7847-C   1453 Huntington Avenue to GB
8-18-75   7854-C   Lot 1007 and 1008 Butler Street to RB
8-25-75   7859-C   Property on Milan Road - Schweinfurth to RMF with LUI 5.0
12-15-75   7908-C   Property on Perry and Warren Streets from Residential Two-Family (R-2F) to RMF
12-29-75   7916-C   Property on 1737 Tiffin Avenue from GB and LM to RMF
1-12-76   7925-C   Property on 721 Tyler Street from R2-F to PF
1-12-76   7926-C   Property on 316, 320, 320 1/2, 322, 326, 330 Neil Street from P and  R1-40 to CS
4-26-76   7955-C   Property on Bardshar Road from RS to PF Lutheran Home
7-6-76   7977-C   Portion of lots on Franklin from R1-40 to CS
12-13-76   8033-C   Property on First Street between Causeway Drive and Venetian Drive, and property between First and Fifth Streets from Causeway Drive to a point between lots 604 and 605 on First Street, from R1-40 and RMF to CR.
6-20-77   8091-C   Property, being part of original lot 22 in the annexation north of section  2, listed in sublot 45 1/2, from R1-75 to RMF.
7-5-77   8096-C   Lot 23 on Hancock Street and lot 13 on Huron Avenue, from R-2F to P.
11-7-77   8151-C   Parts of lots 4 and 6 on Van Buren Street, from R2-F to PF.
11-7-77   8152-C   Lots 10 and 12 on Tyler Street from R2-F to PF.
1-8-79   8317-C   Property bounded by First St., Causeway Dr., F St., and River Ave., from R1-40 to CR, except that property already zoned CR.
8-27-79   8416-C   Lots 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30 on South Depot Street from LM to PF.
9-17-79   8421-C   Parts of Lots 17 and 19 on Perry Street from R-2F to RRB.
10-15-79   8432-C   Lot 33 on Milan Road and property known as 1408 and 1410 Milan Road,  from R1-40 to GB.
1-21-80   80-005   Lots 250 and 252 on Columbus Avenue known as 2331 Columbus Avenue, from R-RB to GB.
3-3-80   80-014   Property, commencing in the center of Milan Road and containing approximately 4.52 acres, from R1-60 to RMF.
5-19-80   80-034   Property bounded by Williams Alley, Butler St., Wilson Alley, and an  unnamed alley, from R1-40 to R-RB.
11-10-80   80-085   Property adjacent to Lake Erie bounded on the south by a line parallel to the north line of lot 13 of Laguna Subdivision and 75 feet therefrom, on the west by the east line of Cedar Point's main parking lot, on the north by the former crossover road, known as Florence Drive Extended, and on the east by Lake Erie, from R1-75 to P.
12-8-80   80-099   Parts of lots 22 and 24 on Jackson Street from R2F to PF.
4-20-81   81-034   Parts of lots 17 and 19 of M.G. Mackey's Subdivision of original lot 56  west of Sycamore line from R1-60 to R2F.
6-15-81   81-047   Property on 704 Bardshar Road from RS to R1-75.
6-15-81   81-048   Lots 6, 8, 18, 20, 22, 24, 127, 129, 131, 133, 10, 12, 14, 16, 335, 336  in the Third Ward from R1-40 to PF.
      Lots 119, 121, 123, 218, 220 and part of lot 4 in the Third Ward from  R1-40 to PF.
      Lot 26 located in the Fairlawn Subdivision from RMF to PF.
7-20-81   81-063   Approximately 9.9 acres of property located north of the old Pier Track and west of the Remington Avenue extension from R1-60 to RMF.
6-21-82   82-047   303 Finch St. and 1127 Franklin St. from Commercial Services (CS) and  Local Business (LB) to Residential Multi-Family (RMF).
6-21-82   82-048   1307 W. Monroe St. from Residential Multi-Family (RMF) to Residential Business (RRB).
11-1-82   82-084   Two parcels in part of Lots 44, 46 and 48, Hancock St., and part of Lots 44 and 46, Hancock St., and part of Lots 47 and 49, Wayne St.  (Southwark Addition) from Residential 2-Family to Local Business (LB).
11-22-82   82-088   Sublots 784 to 792 and part of Fifth St. from Commercial Recreation (CR) to Roadside Business (RB).
11-22-82   82-089   634 Perry St. and 607 E. Monroe St. from Residential 2-Family (R2F) to Local Business (LB).
11-29-82   82-090   2024 Campbell St. from Residential 1-Family-40 (R140) to Local Business (LB).
12-6-82   82-095   Waives Zoning Code provisions and allows for erection of sign at 919 W.
      Washington St.
1-10-83   83-002   1417 E. Parish St. from Residential 1-Family-40 (R140) to General  Business (GB).
9-19-83   83-074   Property bordered by Sycamore Line, near Third St. from Public Facilities (PF) to Residential Multi-Family (RMF).
10-3-83   83-082   301 Putnam St. from Residential 1-Family-40 (R140) to Commercial  Services
4-2-84   84-015   Part of Lots 10, 12, 14, and 16 and vacated alleys in John McKelvey and H.C. Huntington's Subdivision from Residential 1-Family-40 (R140) to Public Facilities (PF).
5-29-84   84-041   Property bordered by Lot 23, Subdivision 32 West and Lot 33 from Residential Suburban (RS) to Commercial Services (CS).
6-18-84   84-050   Property bordered by Water St., Franklin St. and Shoreline Dr. from Commercial Services (CS) to Local Business (LB).
9-17-84   84-084   806 Warren St. from Residential 1-Family-40 (R140) to Residential  2-Family (R2F).
11-26-84   84-103   Lots 545 and 547 Fair Grounds Allotment from Residential 1-Family-40 (R140) to Local Business (LB).
4-8-85   85-023   Property bordered by Franklin St. and Shoreline Dr. from Commercial Services (CS) to Local Business (LB).
5-28-85   85-040   North half of Lot 3 Milan Rd. and Burre Parcel from Residential 2-Family (R2-F) to Local Business (LB).
9-16-85   85-072   Lots 43 and 44 Lawrence St. from Residential Multi-Family (RMF) to Residential 2-Family (R2F).
10-7-85   85-080   1218, 1222, 1238, 1302 and 1306 Third St. from Residential 1-Family-40 (R140) to Residential 2-Family (R2F).
10-21-85   85-083   2320 Milan Rd. from Residential 1-Family-60 (R1-60) to Residential Multi-Family (RMF).
12-23-85   85-104   3005 W. Monroe St. from Residential Two-Family (R2-F) to Local  Business (LB).
1-13-86   86-002   1302 Cleveland Rd. (except area already zoned General Business) from Commercial Services (CS) to General Business (GB).
5-12-86   86-049   Parts of Lots 37, 39 and 41, and parts of Lot 33 in Geo. H. DeWitt's Subdivision from Residential 1-Family-40 (R1-40) and Public Facilities (PF) to Local Business (LB).
6-30-86   86-065   Lots 43 and 45, parts of Lots 37, 39 and 41, and part of Lot 33 in Geo.  H. DeWitt's Subdivision from Residential 1-Family-40 (R1-40) and Public Facilities (PF) to Local Business (LB).
11-10-86   86-116   Part of Lot 113, and parts of Lots 112 and 113 in O.L. 23, Heywood's Subdivision from Residential Suburban (RS) to Residential Multi-Family (RMF).
7-20-87   87-071   5.67 acres in the Cedar Point Penninsula, Lot 28, Section 3, Huron Twp. from Residential Single Family (R1-75) to Residential Multi-Family (RMF).
9-8-87   87-093   .4243 acres in pt. of Lot 66, Darling's Survey and Subdiv. of a 479-acre tract west of Mills Creek, Third Ward from Limited Manufacturing (LM)  to Public Facilities (PF).
10-13-87   87-111   38.97 acres in pt. of Subdivs. 32, 33, 112 and 113, Heywoods Subdiv. of Original Lot 23 in the annexation to Margaretta Twp. from Residential Suburban (RS) to Agricultural (AG).
8-15-88   88-090   609 Tiffin Ave. (.1890 acres) from Public Facilities (PF) to Residential Business (R-RB).
10-31-88   88-135   1640 Cleveland Road from Residential 1-family-60 and Local Business to General Business District.
5-22-89   89-069   Two adjoining parcels of land on the northwesterly point of Cedar Point Penninsula from Public Facilities (PF) to Commercial Amusement (CA).
11-20-89   89-192   Lots 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9, Follett St. in William Schneider's Subdivision of Outlots 41 and 42 and the west part of Outlot 43 south of Southwark.
90-005   1-8-90   Property in the John McKelvey and H.C. Huntingtons subdivisions from Residential 1-Family-40 (Rl-40) and Local Business (LB) to Public  Facilities (PF) District.
2-25-91   91-020   Part of Parish Street vacated by Ord. 5288-C (Lot 21, Ransom's Amended Plat) from Residential 1-Family-50 (R1-50) to General Business (GB)  District.
9-23-91   91-117   Original Lot 9, Darling's Survey east of Sycamore Line (0.1422 acres)  from Residential 1-Family-60 to General Business (GB) District.
9-23-91   91-119   Parts of Lots 301 and 302 on Hayes Avenue in Frank P. Lester's  Subdivision from Residential 1-Family-40 (R1-40) to Public Facility (PF)  District.
9-23-91   91-120   Lot 14, Ransom's Amended Plat of part of Outlots 12, 23 and 24,  Darling's Survey east of Sycamore Line from Residential 1-Family-50  (R1-50) to General Business (GB) District.
4-13-92   92-035   Part of Outlot 19, Darling's Survey, East of Sycamore Line, Second Ward from Public Facilities (PF) to General Business (GB) District.
4-27-92   92-046   Part of Outlots 19 and 22, Margaretta Annexation from Residential  Suburban (RS) and Residential Multi-Family (RMF) to Public Facilities  (PF), Residential 1-Family-75 and Residential Multi-Family (RMF)  District.
11-9-92   92-127   Part of Lots 519 to 522, 524, 525 and all of Lots 526 to 529, Lockwood Subdivision from Residential 1-Family-40 (R1-40) and Commercial Recreation (CR) to Roadside Business (RB) District.
4-12-93   93-045   2 land parcels (414 and 428 Wayne St.) from Residential 2-Family to  Local Business (LB) District.
10-25-93   93-144   3 land parcels (1232 and 1236 Monroe St.) from Residential 2-Family (R-2F) to Local Business (LB) District.
1-10-94   94-003   32 properties of various residential classifications rezoned to Business and Commercial classifications.
1-10-94   94-004   28 properties of various classifications rezoned Public Facility (PF)  District.
3-14-94   94-026   1213-1319 First St. and property on Filmore/S. Depot St. from Limited  Manufacturing (LM) and General Manufacturing (GM) to Commercial  Recreation (CR), Rl-40/One-Family Residential and Commercial Services  (CS) Districts.
4-11-94   94-042   1607 Camp St. and 1400 Taylor St. from Commercial Services (CS) to  Public Facilities (PF) Districts.
8-22-94   94-105   2218 Sherman St. from Rl-40/Single-Family Residential to GB/General  Business District.
8-22-94   94-106   7-block area in Fourth Ward from RMF/Multi-Family Residential to  R2F/Two-Family Residential District.
8-29-94   94-107   Property on Second, Third and Fourth Sts. (Second Ward) from  Rl-40/Single-Family Residential to CR/Commercial Recreation District.
11-14-94   94-135   Lots 2, 4, 6 and 8, Sherman St. from Rl-40/Single-Family Residential to  GB/General Business District.
12-12-94   94-153   Ransom Park from PF/Public Facilities to GB/General Business District.
1-23-95   95-011   12.8181 acres from R1-75/One-Family Residential to R1-60/One-Family Residential District; from RS/Residential Suburban to R1-75/One-Family Residential District.
3-11-96   96-071   708 Hancock St. from LB/Local Business to RMF/Multi-Family Residential District.
7-22-96   96-149   Property (.1010 acres) in Lot #42 on Hancock St. from R2F/Two-Family Residential to LB/Local Business District.
9-23-96   96-178   Lot Nos. 101, 103, 105 and 107 on Sadler St. from R1-40/Single Family to LB/Local Business District.
2-10-97   97-069   1338 and 1420 Tiffin Ave.  from “CS”/Commercial Services to “PF”/Public Facilities District.
2-10-97   97-070   Parcel #60-00021, part of Lot 30, Venice Rd.  from “GM”/General Manufacturing to “PF”/Public Facilities District.
4-28-97   97-110   0.2613 acres east of Hayes Ave.  and north of 2228 Hayes Ave.  from “PF”/Public Facilities to “GB”/General Business District.
7-28-97   97-166   (a)   Several areas of “Southside Neighborhood” from R2F/Two-Family Residential to “R1-40"/One-Family Residential District.
      (b)   Property between Mills and Putnam Sts.  from “CS”/Commercial Services to “R1-40"/One-Family Residential District.
      (c)   Lots 517-519 Clay St.  from “R2F”/Two-Family Residential to “RMF”/Multi-Family Residential District.
      (d)   Lots 276 and 277 Camp St.  from “LB”/Local Business to “R1- 40"/One-Family Residential District.
10-14-97   97-215   Several properties on Warren St., E.  Monroe St., and rear of E.  Madison St.  from “R/RB”/Residential Business, “RB”/Roadside Business and “R2F”/Two-Family Residential to “GB”/General Business District.
1-12-98   98-077   1432 Tiffin Ave.  from “CS”/Commercial Services to “PF”/Public Facilities District.
11-9-98   98-249   Parcel #58-02170 (pt.  of Outlots 68, 69 and 74), 2107 Hayes Ave.  from “GB”/General Business to “PF”/Public Facilities District.
12-28-98   98-284   17.534 acres (pt.  of Sublots 3 and 6 and W ½ of Sublot 4 of Original Lots 27 and 28 in annexation N of Margaretta Twp.)  from “GM”/General Manufacturing to “PF”/Public Facilities District.
3-22-99   99-122   Lots 6 and 7 on 52nd St.  (formerly Austin St.)  in Flynn, Gilcher and Dewitt’s Subdivision, except Lot 6 (westerly feet) from “R1-60"/One- Family Residential to “LB”/Local Business District.
6-28-99   99-188   Lots 43 and 45 of Hancock St.  from “RMF”/Residential Multifamily to “P”/Automobile Parking District; Lots 47 and 49 of Hancock St.  from “LB”/Local Business to “PF”/Public Facility District.
6-28-99   99-189   Parts of Outlots 25 and 26 and part of Sandusky Business Men’s Association (Causeway Drive) from “R1-50" and “R1-60"/Single-Family Residential and “RB”/Roadside Business to “CR”/Commercial Recreation District.
11-22-99   99-311   Property at 513-701 Fremont Ave.  from “R1-75", “RMF”, “PF” and “RB” Districts to “RMF” Multi-Family Residential District.
12-13-99   99-319   Property at 1300 Butler St.  (Lots 998-1006) from “R-RB” Residential to “GB” General Business District.
2-28-00   00-112   Property at 502-614 W.  Market St.  from “GB” General Business to “PF” Public Facilities District.
10-10-00   00-263   Lot 13 W. Adams St., Lot 17 Jackson St. and parts of Lots 14, 15, 10, 11 and 12 W. Adams St. from “GB” General Business to “PF” Public Facilities District.
10-10-00   00-264   Property at 1238 Second St. from “R1-40" Single Family Residential to “LM” Limited Manufacturing District.
11-13-00   00-228   Property at 714 and 718 Tyler St. from “R2F” Residential Two-Family to “PF” Public Facilities District.
6-29-01   01-154   Property at 408 Cooke St. and 1006, 1010, 1012, 1016, 1018 and 1102 Decatur St. from “R2F” Residential Two-Family to “PF” Public Facilities District.
6-25-01   01-166   Property at corner of Huron and W. Jefferson Sts. (Outlots 26-31, 50 and 51) from General Manufacturing (GM) to Residential Multi-Family (RMF) District.
4-22-02   02-097   Three zoning areas being part of Original Lots 26 and 27 Venice Road, as follows: 8.5721 acres, from “R1-75" Residential Single Family and “RS” Residential Suburban to “RMF” Residential Multi Family; 12.9048 acres from “RS” Residential Suburban to “RMF” Residential Multi- Family; 78.0563 acres with Zoning Area 1 and 2 excepted, which will leave 56.5794 acres to be rezoned from “RS” Residential Suburban to “R1-75" Single Family Residential.
5-28-02   02-116   7.0551 acres located south of Fifth Street and east of Farwell Street from Commercial Recreation (CR) to Commercial Services (CS).
1-12-04   04-058   Property beginning at point in westerly line of Sandusky Boat Ramp, with southerly line of Sandusky Bay zoned as “DB” Downtown Business District (from original zoning “LM” Limited Manufacturing, “PF” Public Facility, “GB” General Business, “CS” Commercial Service, “P” Automobile Parking, “RMF” Multi-Family Residential, and “R2F” Two-Family Residential Districts).
4-12-04   04-088   Property (.7896 acre) at 1319 Tiffin Ave. from “PF” Public Facility to “R-RB” Residential Business.
12-27-04   04-208      Land parcels between Hayes Ave. and Decatur St. from Commercial Services (CS) and Residential Two-Family to Public Facility (PF) District.
2-13-06   06-013   Three land parcels on Venice Rd. from “R1-75" Single Family Residential to “LB” Local Business District.
3-27-06   06-033   Two land parcels on Arthur St. and Campbell St. from “R1-40" Single Family Residential to “CS” Commercial Service District.
06-088   9-11-06   Two parcels located on Meigs Street from Commercial Recreation (CR) and Residential Two-Family (R2F) to Commercial Recreation (CR).
07-037   7-9-07   Two parcels on “C” Street from “R1-40" Single Family Residential District to “GB” General Business District.
08-043         5-29-08      Five parcels from “P” - Automobile Parking District, “R1-40" - Single Family Residential District and “R1-60" - Single Family Residential District to “LB” Local Business District.
11-141   12-27-11   911 Decatur Street, from “R2F” two-family residential district to “PF” public facilities district.
12-015   2-13-12   Fourteen parcels located at the northwest corner of Prospect Street and Tyler Street and one located at the southeast corner of Prospect Street and Tyler Street and part of one parcel located at the parking area/helipad area bounded by Fulton and Decatur Street and the vacated portion of Porter Street from “R2F” two-family residential district to ”PF” public facilities district.
12-026   3-26-12   2216-2222 Milan Road, from “R1-60" single-family residential district to “R-RB” residential business district.
13-046   5-13-13   Eleven parcels located on the north side of the 900 block of West Market Street between Lawrence Street and McDonough Street; eight parcels and part of one parcel from “RRB” residential business district and one parcel and a previously vacated portion of Lawrence Street from ”PF” public facilities district to “LM” limited manufacturing district.
13-057   6-24-13   North half of parcel located at 2219 Campbell Street (Lot 152) from “R1-40" single-family residential district to “GB” general business district.
14-026   3-24-14   1737 Tiffin Avenue from “RMF” multi-family residential district to “RB” roadside business district.
14-066   6-23-14   1319 Tiffin Avenue, from "RRB" residential-business district to ”RB”  roadside business district.
14-126   11-10-14   1503 Clinton Street from ”R2F” two-family residential to “R1-40"  single-family residential district.
15-071   5-26-15   Six parcels from “R2F” two-family residential district to “DB”  downtown business district.
16-011   2-8-16   302 and 420 Superior Street from “GM “general manufacturing district to “PF” public facility district.
16-072   5-9-16   Four parcels located on Water Street from ”LM” limited manufacturing district to ”DB”  downtown business district.
16-073   5-9-16   1202 First Street and 1208 First Street from residential business district to commercial service district.
16-094   6-27-16   629 Washington Street from “R2F” two-family residential district to “DB” downtown business district.
16-095   6-27-16   Sixteen parcels located on Second, Third and Fourth Streets from “R1-40" single-family residential district to “CR” commercial recreation district.
16-124   8-8-16   1314 Prospect Street from “R2F” two-family residential district to ”PF”  public facilities district.
17-011   2-13-17   One parcel from ”LM” limited manufacturing and ”GB” general business district to “RMF”  residential multi-family district both located near Tiffin Avenue, Olds Street and Venice Road.
17-189   10-9-17   Four parcels from “R2F” two-family residential district to ”CS” commercial service district located on Neil Street, Division Street and Wayne Street, rear lot.
17-229   12-22-17   Seven parcels from “R1-40" single-family residential district and one parcel from ”RRB” residential business district to ”PF” public facility district for parcels fronting Rockwell Street, Hayes Avenue and Pierce Streets.
18-005   1-8-18   2513 Venice Road and 1651 Tiffin Avenue from ”RMF” residential multi-family district to “GB” general business district.
18-068   3-26-18   301 Superior Street from “LM” limited manufacturing to “PF” public facility.
18-126   6-25-18   Creation of Transient Occupancy Overlay District for properties within the Cove District and along Meigs Street and First Street.
18-142   7-9-18   Four parcels located on Fourth Street and Third Street from “R1- 40"  single-family residential district to ”CR” commercial recreation district.
19-159   9-23-19   Rezone Parcel No 57-01486.000 located at 2309 Columbus Avenue from R1-40 Single Family Residential District to R-RB Residential Business District on behalf of Theodore and Debra Peters.
20-036   2-24-20   Addition to Transient Occupancy Overlay District to include Parcel No. 56-01177.000, 56 00647.000, 56 01241.000 and 56 00912.000 located at 623, 627, 629 and 631 East Washington Street.
20-134   9-28-20   Rezone Parcel Nos. 57-01424.000 and 57.04125.000, located at 1643 First Street, for a residential Planned Unit Development and approving the preliminary plans for the proposed planned unit development.
20-199   12-28-20   Rezone parcel no. 58-68009.000 located at 2101 W. Perkins Avenue from "PF" Public Facilities to "LM" Limited Manufacturing District.