For purposes of granting or denying the required permit, the following guidelines shall be observed:
(a)   Where possible, any freestanding structure shall be at least five feet from the side yard of any lot.
(b)   The structure’s location shall provide the user with easy access and safety and shall not impede any vehicular traffic flow on the property or to and from said property.
(c)   The structure shall not obstruct any existing sign and shall not eliminate any off- street parking space required by the Zoning Code of the City.
(d)   Illumination shall be adequate, but in no case, pose an inconvenience to adjacent residences or businesses.
(e)   Adequate parking shall be provided.
(f)   The number and location of existing outdoor telephone pay stations in the general area will be considered.
(g)   All electric service for the lighting and telephone wiring to an outdoor telephone pay station shall be appropriately installed either overhead, underground, or a combination thereof.
(h)   Appropriate landscaping shall be provided.
      (Ord.  99-289.  Passed 11-8-99.)