Prior to the permit being issued, the City Engineer or his designated representative, shall:
(a)   Determine that the proposed structure does not impede the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
(b)   Determine that the proposed structure does not present any hazardous situation;
(c)   Determine that the proposed structure does not, in any way, infringe upon the rights of affected residents or property owners by creating excessive loitering and/or illegal activity.  In making this determination, the City Engineer shall contact the Department of Community Development, the Department of Public Services and the Sandusky Police Department who shall provide the Engineer with comments concerning the proposed location based upon their contact with residents and/or property owners in the area; and
(d)   Present the proposal to the Planning Commission for review and obtain the approval of said Commission.
      (Ord.  99-289.  Passed 11-8-99.)