(a)   All parking areas and access driveways shall be a paved surface unless otherwise approved by the Planning Commission.  These surfaces shall have adequate drainage so as not to negatively effect adjoining properties.  Water shall not drain across public roads or walkways.  Appropriate bumper guards or curbs shall be provided, to prevent the location of vehicles within required setbacks or right-of-ways.
   (b)   Landscaping shall be required for all surface parking lots along the sides immediately adjacent and parallel to streets, sidewalks, alleys, lawns, and adjoining surface parking lots.  Landscape shall include a combination of hardy canopy trees, shrubbery, and ground cover as follows:
(1)   Shrubbery shall have a minimum height of 12 inches and shall extend the entire length of the landscaped strip, excluding driveways, alleys, sidewalks, pedestrian access points and other approved means of landscaping.  The landscaped strip shall not extend into a public right-of- way.
(2)   Canopy trees of at least 2-inch caliper shall not be set apart less than 30-feet on center.  Canopy trees may be located within a public right-of-way with City permission.  The species of canopy tree shall be approved by the Department of Horticultural Services.
(3)   Any area within the landscaped strip not occupied by trees or shrubbery shall consist of ground cover.  Ground cover within a public right-of-way shall only consist of grass.
(4)   Each landscaped strip shall be at least 3-feet in width.
   (c)   All surface parking lots containing 25 or more parking spaces shall contain one landscaped island measuring at least 100 square feet for each 25 parking spaces provided or fraction thereof.  Each landscaped island shall contain the following:
(1)   At least one hardy deciduous 2-inch minimum caliper canopy tree.
(2)   The area of the island not occupied by trees shall consist of ground cover, grass and/or shrubbery.
(3)   The island shall be contained within a poured-in place or pre-cast 6-inch high concrete curb.
   (d)   Landscaping shall be well maintained at all times.  In the case that a tree, shrub, or plant dies, the owner of the property shall have six months to replace the tree, shrub, or plant.
(Ord.  01-249.  Passed 11-26-01.)