For the purpose of determining accessory off-street parking requirements definitions and standards shall be as follows:
   (a)   Accessory Parking Space.  An open or enclosed area accessible from a street for the parking of motor vehicles of owners, occupants, employees, customers or tenants of the main building.  Except for "attendant" parking lots and areas for one- and two-family dwellings, each space shall be not less than 180 square feet, exclusive of all drives and turning space, and determined from an accurate plan of the area;
   (b)   Employees.  The maximum number of employees on any two successive shifts;
      (1980 Code 151.84)
   (c)   Floor Area.  The total area of all the floors measured from the exterior faces of the building (except the floor, or part thereof, used for the storage or warehousing may be waived with administrative approval and if not approved by the administration, the Planning Commission may approve the waiver), or where set forth in the following schedule, only the floor area used by specific use.
      (Ord. 04-206. Passed 12-27-04.)
   (d)   Fractional Unit.  Where the computation results in a fractional unit, one additional off-street parking space shall be provided;
   (e)   Seat.  The number of seating units installed or indicated, or each twenty-four lineal inches of benches, pews or space for loose chairs or similar seating facilities; spacing of rows shall be assumed at thirty inches on center.
   (f)   Central Business District.  Boundaries, north, Sandusky Bay; east, Hancock Street; south, Adams Street; west, Decatur Street.  Parking is not required in the C.B.D.
      (1980 Code 151.84)