Main and accessory buildings and uses enumerated in a manufacturing district shall comply to the following performance standards, as a condition precedent to their occupancy and use:
(a)   All manufacturing operations shall be conducted within an enclosed structure, and all raw materials, fuel, machinery, and equipment shall be enclosed within a structure or by a chain link fence;
(b)   The storage, handling, and use of flammable liquids and gases shall comply with the relevant provisions of the state law. Storage of all other materials in yards or structures shall comply with all fire protection laws of the City, and all parts shall be accessible to firefighting equipment;
(c)   Liquid wastes shall not be discharged into an open reservoir, stream, or other open body of water or a sewer, unless treated so that the amount of solid substances, oils, grease, acids, alkalines, and other chemicals shall not exceed the amounts allowed by other laws of the City;
(d)   Noxious, toxic, or corrosive fumes, gases, smoke, dust, or fly ash shall not be emitted which shall be injurious to the property, vegetation, or health of the people residing in the nearest residential district; odorous gases or other odorous matter shall not be emitted in such quantities as to be offensive at the adjacent residential district line;
(e)   Glare and heat from any process shall not be visible at the nearest residential district line;
(f)   Vibrations shall not be discernible to the human sense of feeling more than 3 minutes during any hour at the nearest residential district line;
(g)   (EDITOR'S NOTE:  Former subsection (g) was repealed by Ordinance 03-089, passed April 14, 2003.)
(h)   Flammable liquids and gases shall not be stored above ground in tanks if located less than 150 feet from the property line.
   (i)   (1)   Fences in manufacturing Districts shall be limited to a height of six feet and be of sturdy construction, of uniform design, painted and otherwise well maintained.
(2)   Front yard, corner lot:  Fences and landscape features may be located within a triangle formed by lines drawn between points on the front line and the side lot line of a corner lot twenty-five feet from their intersection, providing the normal "sight lines" within a vertical height band of two and one-half feet to six feet above curb level are not substantially obstructed.
(3)   Barbed wire may be used on security fencing in manufacturing districts, but shall be limited to three strands; shall not project beyond the property line and may not be used less than six feet from grade.  The use of razor ribbon on fencing and the use of barbed wire less than six feet above grade shall be permitted with approval of the Commission.
      (4)   Fences shall require a zoning permit prior to erection.
         (Ord. 05-159.  Passed 11-14-05.)