(a)   Main Buildings and Uses.
(1)   All main buildings and uses permitted in a Limited Manufacturing District;
(2)   Additional manufacturing limited to the following products and processes:
A.   Cement products. Concrete mixing and proportioning plants;
B.   Chemicals. Acetylene, acids, adhesives, aniline dyes, bleaching products, ammonia, carbide, caustic soda, cleaning and polishing preparations, gelatin, glue, size, exterminating agents, industrial alcohol, nitrates, potash, plastic materials and resins, rayon and other synthetic fibers;
C.   Clay products. Structural, brick, tile, pipe;
D.   Fertilizer;
E.   Flour, feed, grain; milling and processing;
F.   Glass manufacturing and large glass products;
G.   Graphite and graphite products;
H.   Leather; fur tanning, curing, finishing;
I.   Linoleum and oil cloth, asphalt tile;
J.   Machinery, heavy. Agricultural, constructional, electrical, mining;
K.   Metal castings and foundry products, including magnesium;
L.   Metal ores; reduction, refining, smelting, alloying;
M.   Paint, varnish;
N.   Petroleum products; refining;
O.   Rubber products; natural or synthetic, processing or manufacturing;
P.   Soaps, starch, detergents;
Q.   Stockyards, slaughterhouses, meat processing.
(3)   Storage, open or enclosed, limited to the following products and establishments:
A.   Dumps and slag piles;
B.   Grain elevators;
C.   Petroleum and petroleum products;
D.   Materials used in, or goods produced by, permitted manufacturing uses;
E.   Dead storage, wreaking, salvaging of vehicles, equipment, lumber, metals, or rubber, may be permitted in an open yard if all materials and operations are enclosed on all sides with a chain link or similar fence at least 6 feet high set back at least 40 feet from any public thoroughfare or adjoining residential district.
   (b)   Similar Uses. Any other manufacturing or storage use not listed above, and determined as similar by the Commission.
   (c)   Accessory Buildings and Uses.
(1)   Accessory off-street parking and loading facilities as regulated and set forth in Chapter 1149 ;
(2)   Any accessory use customarily incident to a permitted main use.
         (1980 Code 151.75.)