(a)   Main Buildings and Uses.
(1)   Living accommodations for watchmen and other personnel required to live in close proximity to their operation and their families;
(2)   Retail stores and services as permitted in the General Business District;
(3)   Offices, research and development parks and facilities;
(4)   Wholesale business, services, and storage and manufacturing uses as permitted in Commercial Service Districts;
(5)   Manufacturing limited to the following products and processes:
A.   Aircraft and automobiles, trucks, trailers, motors, bodies, parts, supplies.
B.   Building materials. Sash, doors, insulation, wallboards, partitions, prefabricated house panels;
C.   Ceramic products. Pottery and glazed tiles; crayons;
D.   Chemicals. Blending and packaging of disinfectants, insecticides, fungicides, ink, detergents, and related household and industrial chemical compounds;
E.   Electrical supplies; miscellaneous manufacturing and assembly;
F.   Glass products from previously manufactured glass;
G.   Machinery and light equipment such as air conditioning, firearms, refrigerators, stoves, heaters, washing machines;
H.   Machine tools such as metal lathes, presses, stamping machines, woodworking machines;
I.   Metal alloys; miscellaneous products; brass, bronze, pewter, tin, lead;
J.   Metal processes. Cleaning, enameling, galvanizing, japanning, lacquering, heat treatment, rust-proofing;
K.   Metal products. Miscellaneous fabrication and assembly, cabinets, doors, fencing, furniture, small castings;
L.   Paper products. Shipping containers, boxes, crates, newsprint;
M.   Plastic products. Kitchenware, buttons, wallboards;
N.   Porcelain products. Kitchen and bathroom equipment;
O.   Rubber products. Gloves, footwear, bathing caps, tires, tubes, hose.
(6)   Storage, limited to the following establishments and products:
A.   Coal, and gas in tanks, in open yard;
B.   Scrap metal, paper, rags, within an enclosed structure;
C.   Materials used in, or goods produced by, permitted manufacturing uses in an enclosed structure.
(7)   Miscellaneous uses, as follows:
A.   Incinerators, sewage disposal plants;
B.   Sand and gravel pits, quarries;
C.   Trucking terminals, motor freight stations.
      (8)   Large brewery.
   (b)   Similar Main Uses. Any other manufacturing use not listed above or in subsequent use classifications and determined as similar by the Commission. Main uses set forth in the General Manufacturing District may be permitted in the Limited Manufacturing District if a conditional use permit is granted.
   (c)   Accessory Buildings or Uses.
(1)   Accessory off-street parking and loading facilities as regulated and set forth in Chapter 1149.
(2)   Any accessory use customarily incident to a permitted main use.
         (Ord. 15-201.  Passed 12-28-15.)