Buildings and land shall be used, and buildings shall be designed, erected, altered, moved or maintained only for the following:
Schedule of Permitted Buildings and Uses for Public Facilities District
Main Buildings and Uses
Accessory Buildings and Uses
Governmental: municipal, county, state buildings, and uses for administrative functions.
Public parking areas or storage garage.
Civic: art galleries, libraries, museums, places for public assembly, memorials, monuments, cemeteries.
Parish houses and residences for custodians or guards.
Education: primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities (excluding business-colleges.)
Refreshment stands designed and located to attract primarily persons using the public facility.
Religious: churches, parochial schools.
Maintenance and heating facilities.
Welfare: general, mental, or special hospitals, health centers or clinics, nursing or convalescing homes, institutions for children and for the aged.
Bulletin boards as hereinafter regulated.
Recreational: public parks and play- grounds, public harbors, beaches, pools, and golf courses.
Recreational area in connection with schools.
Transportation: railroad and bus passenger stations, airports.
Airport hangars.
(1980 Code 151.02)