(a)   The Board of Zoning Appeals shall fix a reasonable time for the hearing of an appeal.  Notice of the time and place of hearings shall be mailed, by first class mail, at least ten (10) days prior to the hearing, to the property owners within three hundred (300) feet of the property requesting the variance.  The notice shall be sent to the property owner listed on the current tax roll, list, or duplicate of the County and the address of the property if the address is a tax service.  Each application or notice of appeal shall be accompanied by a fee as set forth by the City Manager and approved by the City Commission.  At this hearing, the party shall appear in person or shall have authorized representation.
   (b)   The hearings of the Board shall be public.  However, the Board may go into executive session for discussion but not for vote on any case before it.
   (c)   Upon the day for hearing of any application or appeal, the board may adjourn the hearing in order to permit gathering of additional information.  In the case of an adjourned hearing, person previously notified and persons already heard need not be notified of the time of resumption of such hearing unless the Board so decides.
(Ord. 03-071.  Passed 3-10-03.)