(a)   Applications.  An application, in cases in which the Board of Zoning Appeals has original jurisdiction under the provisions of this zoning ordinance, may be taken by any property owner, including a tenant, or by a governmental officer, department, board, or bureau.  Such application shall be filed with the Division of Planning who shall transmit the application to the Board.
   (b)   Appeals.
(1)   An appeal to the Board may be taken by any person aggrieved or affected by a  decision of the Division of Planning, by filing an application with the Division of Planning.  The application shall specify the grounds for appeal.  The Planner shall transmit to the Board all the papers constituting the records upon which the action was taken.
(2)   An appeal shall stay all proceedings in furtherance of the action appealed from, unless the Planner shall certify to the Board after the notice of appeal has been filed with it that by reason of facts, a stay, in the opinion of the Planner, would cause imminent peril to life or property, in which case proceedings shall not be stayed otherwise than by an injunction which may  be granted by the Court of Common Pleas, after notice to the officer from which the appeal is taken and on due cause shown.
(3)   The Board may reverse or affirm, wholly or in part or may modify the order, requirements, decisions or determination in its decision.
         (Ord. 03-071.  Passed 3-10-03.)